Red Bull

Fueling ideas to reach women and the workplace.

“Drink more Red Bull.” The singular objective connecting all of our work for energy drink leader, Red Bull. Over the course of a multi-year strategic partnership, Pivot helped Red Bull explore how to expand the ways consumers think about Red Bull and, in turn, when to reach for it.

Our collaboration focused primarily on two critical opportunities: how to reach women and how to increase consumption in the workplace. Naturally, these paths intertwined often. Guided by a wealth of consumer research, Pivot developed everything from pithy campaigns that made Red Bull a verb (“Red Bull that brainstorm”) to ambitious platforms that connected Red Bull to personal inspiration (“Fuel your passion”). These concepts helped Red Bull product and marketing leaders envision possibilities, sharpen go-to-market approaches, and advance conversations with B2B partners, including Forbes, WeWork, and TechCrunch.