Imagine where they’ll go.

Global biopharmaceutical company Sobi is focused on a singular mission: improving the lives of people—often children—living with rare diseases. With inherently inspiring work, but 95% of its North American employees working remotely, the business needed an internal platform to keep everyone emotionally connected to the company’s purpose.

With “Imagine where they’ll go,” Pivot tapped into what Sobi therapies make possible: dreams realized and lives lived to the fullest. This soaring anthem was paired with images of kids doing what they do best: playing make believe. The campaign—which included video, a vibrant home drop, and installations throughout the Boston office—delivered the desired emotional spark, and then some. In fact, “Imagine” was so successful stateside, Sobi’s Swedish HQ is now using it to inspire the entire organization.

  • Campaign strategy
  • Brand voice & messaging
  • Visual expression
  • Video
  • Environmental branding
  • Home kit design
  • Print collateral
  • Email marketing