A message from Liz.

International Women's Day. #InspireInclusion

When I saw inclusion was the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, I felt it in my soul. 

As a “one-percenter,” the 1% of US agencies owned by women, I know what it means to be an outlier. 

Yet over the last 30 years, I—we—have had the incredible opportunity to be invited in, to be included, time and again, by the world’s leading healthcare companies. Partnering to create breakthrough moments and experiences that help bring their brands to life.

For an independent agency like ours, the chance to stand toe-to-toe with “the big guys”—to be able to compete with agencies 10x our size and win—has been game-changing.

So today, with immense gratitude for all those who have included us, to our clients, partners, and friends, we say: thank you.

For taking a risk on me and on Pivot. For giving us a seat at the table. For always having our back. 

For your trust, for your stories, and for always being up for the adventure. 

For giving us the space to create courageously. Connect authentically. And push outside your comfort zone. Breaking barriers. Breaking boundaries. Breaking doors wide open, together.

Each day, we grow more inspired by you, and more passionate and committed to reflecting the heart of your people, your customers, and your brand.

More aware than ever that when we do, soul breaks through.

With 🫶