Igi: The healing power of play.

Life is full of challenges for people with primary immunodeficiency (PI). With a weakened immune system, infection and other health problems can occur more easily. Treatment and lifestyle precautions are essential, but learning and accepting these habits isn’t easy—particularly for kids. That’s why Igi is here.

Igi is a groundbreaking therapeutic doll that helps children with PI learn how to monitor and treat their illness. Created with Takeda, Igi is the heart and soul of a play kit that also includes a storybook, parents’ guide, activity journal, and real medical equipment. Gentle teacher and loyal friend, Igi has made an indelible mark on the lives of thousands of children around the world. Originally developed in 2010, Igi has sustained several company acquisitions and is today a beloved centerpiece of Takeda’s PI franchise. 

  • Research
  • Character concept & design
  • Program development
  • Educational collateral
  • Kit design & packaging
  • Video series

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Molly Painter
Former Director, U.S. Marketing

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