Activcore Brand

Project Overview

As an early-stage entry into the booming physical therapy and performance space, Activcore set its sights on an ambitious goal: reinventing its industry. The growing company had a revolutionary service model in place, but they wanted to be sure their brand aligned with the disruptive experience they envisioned—in every dimension.

Pivot engaged with company leaders from the beginning, charged with creating a holistic brand system that would inform all aspects of the Activcore experience—from cultural identity to digital presence to the physical environment of new facilities.

Powerful language helped set Activcore apart from competitors. Rather than merely healing, clients would become “active for life.” They would “move safer, smarter, and stronger” as a result of their treatment. Ultimately, people would be invited to engage with Activcore beyond a typical series of visits, joining a growing national movement.

The new Activcore visual system supported these concepts seamlessly, from a potentially iconic new logo to a fresh approach to imagery and bold typography. Robust guidelines and a demand generation strategy help ensure the brand is executed consistently across an ever-growing array of applications. And an all-staff launch event imbued the brand’s spirit into every member of the Activcore team, coast to coast.