CASJE Brand Program

Project Overview

The Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education (CASJE) is an evolving community of researchers, practitioners, and philanthropic leaders dedicated to improving the quality of knowledge that can be used to guide the work of Jewish Education.

Utilizing our proprietary Brand Vision™ process, Pivot developed a dynamic new brand for CASJE that reflects their multi-faceted organization. The new logo is created by three united colorful forms that represent each of the three driving forces of CASJE — researchers, funders and practitioners. The logo’s form is also based on the hexagram (or Star of David), the generally recognized symbol of modern Jewish identity and Judaism.

Our integrated creative services approach included:

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Concept & Design
  • Corporate Identity Development & Brand Style Guide
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Website Design
  • Email Templates Creation & Implementation