Children’s Memorial Hospital 125th Anniversary Annual Report

Project Overview

Each year, Children’s Memorial Hospital needs to give its donors a reason to get involved.

The hospital’s 125th anniversary was the perfect reason, and it became our solution for the annual report. The annual offers 125 reasons — from ‘great chicken soup’ to ‘leaders in pediatric emergency care’ — why the hospital maintains its status as one of the leading children’s hospitals in the country.

In the client’s words
For the past several years Pivot Design has been an important partner in designing strategic and persuasive materials of all kinds, but our annual report is the crown jewel of them all. Each has been a one-of-a-kind show-stopper that has fulfilled our desire to stand out in the field of children’s healthcare providers nationwide. Pivot is adept at achieving the perfect balance for us, reflecting both the kid- and family-friendly nature of what we do as well as our human, scientific and technological expertise. Each report has been a source of pride for our hospital family and a reaffirmation to our donors and community partners that this is a place worthy of their investment.

Ellen Szalinski

Publications Manager & Senior Editor