Diversey 2 in 1 Campaign

Project Overview

Diversey’s simple 2 in 1 tablet solution takes the hassles out of commercial kitchen ware washing.

Our campaign approach reinforces that with just one little Diversey 2 in 1 tablet you can be reassured that your ware washing worries are over.

Based on the theme Ware Wash Simplified, the overall look and feel is clean, friendly and approachable. White space is generously used in order to focus on the tablet itself, which is shown at actual size whenever possible. The hand-drawn elements on the tablet emphasize the various ways that this simple, little tablet will save the day in your commercial kitchen.

In the client’s words
Pivot is more than our agency, they are our partner. A terrific partnership that will last for many years. The Pivot team provides us integrated marketing and communications programs for all parts of our business. When we went through our rebranding process they were patient and insightful, with the desire to create the very best for our company. They were able to meet our quality standards and our extremely tight deadlines, along with WOWING creative. They are first-class and they are also simply great people to work with every day.

Jeanine Gaffke

Director, Global Marketing