Prescient Medicine Brand Program

Project Overview

Prescient Medicine believes that the power to predict can strengthen the ability to heal and prevent disease. That’s why Prescient Medicine is dedicated to uncovering critical insights that enable more informed, more effective care. Through expertise in pharmacology, chemistry, pathology, pharmacogenomics, and toxicology, Prescient Medicine has created powerful tests and analytics that deliver the right information necessary to help physicians make the correct choices at the appropriate times. 

Prescient Medicine’s genetic-based tests target patient outcomes and management in two key areas — medication interaction and medication efficacy. With actionable results in hand, physicians can better prescribe compatible therapies and also predict how a patient might react to potential treatment options.

Working closely with Prescient’s management and investor teams, we utilized our proprietary Brand Vision™ process to develop the new logo, complete brand program, brand rollout approach and ongoing integrated brand communications initiatives and deliverables. Through a combination of ownable photography treatment, graphic device usage and color, the brand captures both the human and highly technical aspects of what the company does. We continue to help Prescient Medicine identify, streamline and implement brand communication materials across marketing channels.

Our branding scope of work included:

  • Logo Concept & Design
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity & Brand Style Guide Development 
  • Corporate Stationery & PowerPoint Templates
  • Tradeshow Booth Development
  • Event Collateral Development
  • Website Design, Programming & Implementation
  • Brand Photography Style & Library
  • eMedia Templates
  • Technical Report Design & Execution
  • Corporate Email Signature
In the client’s words
Prescient Medicine is at the absolute leading edge of healthcare diagnostics, pushing the envelope in the fields of pharmacology, chemistry, pathology, pharmacogenomics, and toxicology. We’ve never worked with an agency that so thoroughly invested itself in understanding our extremely complex vertical. Pivot Design is one of those rare companies that develops thoughtful creative solutions that deliver real ROI. I can say confidently that our brand and our business is stronger for it.

Dr. Keri Donaldson, MD, MSCE

Founder and CEO