SDI Brand Program

Project Overview

For more than two decades, SDI has helped large organizations and government agencies function by providing IT and security solutions in mission-critical environments, helping integrate nextgen technologies with legacy systems. As an example, SDI oversees enterprise access control, video surveillance, public safety, and aviation security technology functions at major U.S. airports including Chicago’s Midway and O’Hare International Airports.

SDI helps customers navigate the ever-evolving technical landscape, making recommendations to improve operations and leverage new technologies with a forward-thinking approach that aligns today’s goals with future needs.

With a 25-year trackrecord and several acquisitions to expand capabilities and talent, SDI needed a whole new look that the — now broader and stronger — organization could align to and build upon.

SDI engaged Pivot to develop a new, smart and trustworthy brand in which the SDI voice is reflected through both refreshed content and a contemporary visual style. The new SDI logo emphasizes the company’s unchanging and characteristic merging of balance, structure and dependability. The logo and brand are supported by clean graphic elements and a fresh new color palette that is corporate yet bold, helping the company stand out in a competitive landscape.

Our branding scope of work included:

  • Logo Concept & Design
  • Brand Vision & Development
  • Brand Style Guide Development
  • Tagline & Brand Messaging Development