UCCCC 2012 Annual Report

Project Overview

The face of cancer is changing. It was once a disease that you died from. Now it is a disease you live with. And that changes everything.

The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCCCC) is committed to exploring and developing innovative ways to prevent and reduce cancer's devastating effects through a collaborative research program involving 210 renowned scientists and physician scientists.

Directed towards, donors, faculty, staff, alumni, benefactors, and the community at large, our solution leverages real patients’ experiences to emphasize personalized medicine at UCCCC and how it has affected the year’s highlights. The creativity of the approach seeks to encourage continued interest and investment.

Our solution for this annual was to emphasize the individual, the “ME” in Medicine, which is an overarching goal of UCCCC for each of their patients.

In the client’s words
The annual report looks absolutely fabulous. We have received excellent feedback from our donors, staff, and faculty and could not be more pleased! It is clearly our best report ever thanks to the creativity and talent of your team. I most appreciated the seamless design process from start to finish, your team’s critical review of content, and push to meet deadlines.

Hoyee Leong, PhD

Director for Scientific Communications and Strategic Partnerships